The source code is generously hosted by GitLab.

Goodvibes is open-source and simply couldn’t exist without the various open-source libraries it relies on. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of projects that make it possible.

There are many open-source audio players around, and having all this code available made it much easier to design and write Goodvibes. Thanks to all of them for sharing their code.

And at last, a personal thank you to mgo and jcdr, two fellow engineers who taught me the job. Hope you guys are doing well :)


The translation effort is generously hosted by Weblate.

Here are the people who translate Goodvibes at the moment:

  • Michal Čihař - Czech (cs)
  • Lukáš Linhart - Czech (cs)
  • Andreas Kleinert - German (de)
  • Vinz - German (de)
  • Wolf Berg - German (de)
  • Benages - Spanish (es)
  • Étienne Deparis - French (fr)
  • Allan Nordhøy - Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO)
  • Heimen Stoffels - Dutch (nl)
  • Алексей Выскубов - Russian (ru)


Hector Lahminèwskï is the author of the artwork.


This documentation is generously hosted by Read the Docs.