Goodvibes is a solo project: it’s mostly me writing code and bugs. But there’s more to it than just code. This page is an attempt to give due credits.


Let me try to list here all the people who help with Goodvibes, who contribute a bit of their time and skills to the project.



  • Adolfo Jayme Barrientos - Catalan (ca)

  • Lukáš Linhart - Czech (cs)

  • Michal Čihař - Czech (cs)

  • Torben Grove - Danish (da)

  • Andreas Kleinert - German (de)

  • Ettore Atalan - German (de)

  • Vinz - German (de)

  • Daniel Bageac - English (United States) (en_US)

  • Adolfo Jayme Barrientos - Spanish (es)

  • Benages - Spanish (es)

  • Holman Calderón - Spanish (es)

  • Jiri Grönroos - Finnish (fi)

  • Étienne Deparis - French (fr)

  • Jeannette L - French (fr)

  • Milo Ivir - Croatian (hr)

  • Notramo - (hu)

  • Reza Almanda - Indonesian (id)

  • Silvyaamalia - Indonesian (id)

  • Albanobattistella - Italian (it)

  • Dallenog - Italian (it)

  • Luca De Filippo - Italian (it)

  • Prachi Joshi - Marathi (mr)

  • Allan Nordhøy - Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO)

  • Heimen Stoffels - Dutch (nl)

  • Def Cik - Polish (pl)

  • Eryk Michalak - Polish (pl)

  • Michal Biesiada - Polish (pl)

  • Zbigniew Rosiek - Polish (pl)

  • Fúlvio Alves - Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR)

  • Ssantos - Portuguese (pt)

  • Manuela Silva - Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT)

  • Ssantos - Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT)

  • Алексей Выскубов - Russian (ru)

  • Иван - Russian (ru)

  • Andrej Shadura - Slovak (sk)

  • Marek Ľach - Slovak (sk)

  • Akash Rao - Telugu (te)

  • Oğuz Ersen - Turkish (tr)

  • KE CHENG HENG - Chinese (Traditional) (zh_Hant)

Package maintainers

  • Étienne Deparis - Arch Linux

  • Arnaud Rebillout - Debian

  • Robert-André Mauchin - Fedora

  • zendo - NixOS

  • Andrea Manzini - openSUSE

  • mobinmob - Void Linux


It’s amazing the amount of technology involved in developing such a simple application as Goodvibes. Let’s give some due credit here as well.

First, there are a bunch of web services for everyday operation:

  • GitLab provides everything needed for development: code hosting, issue tracker and even continuous integration.

  • Read the Docs builds and hosts this documentation, and the service is free.

  • Weblate is a great platform for translation, and the service is free for FOSS projects. Many thanks to its author Michal Čihař.

Then, the code itself stands on top of a lot of free and open-source software, written by thousands of people. Goodvibes simply couldn’t exist without such an ecosystem. It’s impossible to credit everyone here, so let’s just list the main libraries that Goodvibes depend on, and keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Finally, there’s many other media players for Linux, and this is where all the inspiration comes from. And to this day I still rely on their code to write and improve Goodvibes codebase.

Talking about inspiration, the last word goes to mgo and jcdr, two fellow engineers who taught me a lot during my early years in the business. I hope you guys are doing great!