Some basic screenshots to start with:

Main window, dark theme (Ubuntu 19.10)

Dark theme (Ubuntu 19.10)

Main and preferences windows, dark theme (Ubuntu 19.10)

Dark theme, with the Preferences window opened (Ubuntu 19.10)

These days, “modern” desktop environments (say GNOME, KDE, Ubuntu at least) are able to communicate with MPRIS2 capable media players. It means that they can display information about what’s playing, and also allow some basic control over the player.

Here are some screenshots off such desktop integration:

Main window, dark theme, notification area (GNOME 3.30)

Dark theme, with the notification area opened (GNOME 3.30)

Main window, light theme, media player area (KDE 5.16)

Light theme, with the media player area opened (KDE 5.16)

It’s also possible to launch Goodvibes with the --status-icon option. In this mode, Goodvibes will not display a main window, but will instead add an icon to your notification area (also called system tray).

This is a legacy feature. It doesn’t work on some desktops. It’s deprecated in GTK3, and will be removed in GTK4. And at this point, it will also be removed from Goodvibes.

This being said, here’s how Goodvibes looks like in Status Icon mode.

Main window, light theme, status icon mode (XFCE 4.14)

Light theme, in status icon mode (XFCE 4.14)